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Title: 09/06/13. ASTRIX Album Launch - BUDAPEST
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ASTRIX Album Launch - PsyFreq Open Air - 2009/06/13

Csigahegy - Berkenye / Hungary

Open Air: Sat, 13 Jun 09, 22:00h - Sun, 14 Jun 09, 22:00h

Party Details:


ASTRIX - Hommega Records - Izrael
C-P-C - (Manic Dragon) - Russia
Quantum feat. Karen - Israel 
Darkside (Winie-One Rec.)
Y-East (Tranceport)
Beyond (Procyon Rec.)
DJs    ASTRIX - Hommega Records - Izrael
Kugler (Winie-One Rec.)
Dolphin (FutureFolk)

Deco:    Calaquendi - Austria -
Location    Csigahegy - Between Berkenye and Nötincs

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Entry fee:

From March 16. you can get from the EU Travels Travel Agency - H-1052

Budapest, Párisi utca 6/b.

First: 100 tickets: 2500 HUF
Next 100 ticket: 3000 HUF
After this: 3500 HUF
At the Place: 4000 HUF



One of the pioneering psy-trance artists of the millennium, Astrix (aka Avi
Shmailov), undoubtedly rules the psy-trance roots. He has established himself
as a Class A artist and it is clearly heard in his unique and melodic music
style. Playing live and spinning his tunes around the world has helped him
pave his way to the DJMAG top 100 DJ list and currently sitting at No. 41,
Astrix is one of the few artists in the scene who really makes big waves
throughout electronic dance music and gaining universal recognition.
Born in Russia in the early 80s, he grew up in Tel-Aviv and began spinning
80s and alternative music in 1995. Playing the European new-wave stuff and
some electro, when he heard Goa trance for the first time, it seemed to him
like the right combinations of both those soundsIt just made perfect sense
and so ,in 1997, he started making music and in 2002, after releasing a lot
of tracks on various compilations, he made his first solo psy-trance album,
Eye to Eye (HOM-mega Records), rated as one of the best albums to date for
its superior music production which mirrored his unique approach of finding a
fine balance between the chaos of a dance floor and the coolness of at-home
listening. In 2004 Astrix headlined a huge bash at Londons Alexandra Palace
to mark the launch of his second production album, Artcore (HOM-mega
Records). Psy-trance fans turned up in droves for his huge party, stating
that if one man has remained true to his style, it is Astrix! Unshaken by the
popular music myths every track in his live set has that special ingredient
to get your hands clapping and your body moving for a standing ovation. In
his upcoming third album, 'Red means distortion', Astrix clearly reiterates
his distinguished music production style as he leads the way forward with his
soul-shaking anthems which have been instrumental in spreading his sound

His live and DJ Sets in high profile gigs including Skol beats (Brazil),
Brixton Academy and South West 4 (UK), Gathering (Japan), Pacha and Sessions
(United States) and Love Parade in Israel, which have seen him play to over
200,000 people at once, taking them into full-on journeys of the most
uplifting echelons of the psy-trance world, with a heavy focus on the
feelings invoked by the more traditional strains of trance music while never
losing site of the groovy element. He cites the likes of Royksopp, Coldpaly,
Linkin Park, and Chemical Brothers as inspirations for the non-trance
elements in his music, and its this combination of euphoria and funk, along
with his faultless, crystal-clear production technique, that sits him head
and shoulders above most producers - psy or otherwise. Astrix stands out
amongst many because what he makes is by no means formulaic dancefloor
fodder. Its clear listening to his music that he is more of a musician and a
rare talent indeed.

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ACE VENTURA is Yoni Oshrat, a 31-year old Israeli with a rich musical
background. Born in a musical family (his father is a famous Israeli composer
and song writer, for instance behind the Eurovision song "Halelujah") and
previously working in the TV and movie-industry as a sound producer before he
discovered trance in the beginning of the nineties.
After that things moved quick for Yoni - after DJ'ing for years, he teamed up
with his friend Dj Goblin to form the Children of the doc project which later
changed name to PSYSEX - together they released 3 critically-acclaimed full
length albums on HOMmega, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one
of the most important trance-countries on the globe.
After several years of intense touring, playing at some of the biggest
parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved more and more towards the
slower, groovier side of music though, and from 2006 he is no longer a part
of the Psysex project. Instead he has started 2 new projects: SCHATSI, which
is an electro-project, already getting featured on releases from Hadshot and
Mylo's Breastfed Recordings, while being spinned by the likes of Jhon
Digweed,and of course ,ACE VENTURA. Yoni is fond of all major sides of the
progressive scene, and it shines through in his Ace ventura project, which
best can be described as deep, tribal and pumping progressive psytrance -
pure dynamite on the dance floor.Despite being a relatively new project, ACE
VENTURA has already toured extensivley around the globe,and appeared on
releases from Flow,Domo,Echoes,Blue tunes,Spintwist,HOMmega and of course Iboga,while being
remixed by Zen mechanics,Perfect Stranger,Aerospace,Sensient,Khainz,Peter
Gun,Gaudium and more. Last year he compiled the 1st progressive compilation
on famed fullon-trance label HOMmega - NEW ORDER,featuring tracks from the
best artists the progressive scene has to offer. Official work on the
sequel,New order 2 ,has begun as well. Release date is planned for early
2009.On september 28th,2007 the debut Ace ventura album,REBIRTH was finally
released on Iboga records. It features 9 tracks and includes collaborations
with Liquid soul,Intelabeam and Lish.
In may 2008 Ace won the Best Psy-Trance artist award in the first Beatport
music awards contest,as voted by the users of Beatport !
Ace ventura's remix album,Re:boot,was finally released in november 2008 on
Iboga records.The double album includes names such as Perfect stranger,Zen
mechanics,Liquid soul,Bluetech and many more.
Coming next from Ace Ventura is the exciting new chapter in the NEW ORDER
compilation-series. The successful first chapter was released back in 2006,
and the sequel includes tracks by artists like Ticon, Riktam & Bansi (of GMS
fame), Liquid Soul, Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak, Nyquist, Lish and more top
artists. The release will be out soon on HOMmega Records, and will once again
feature some of the best, high-quality progressive/techno tracks - all
previously unreleased, and handpicked by Ace Ventura.
Stay tuned for NEW ORDER 2 as well as new tracks from Ace Ventura on Iboga,
Echoes and Phonokol records.