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Title: BAHAR CANCA 'Psy Boutique' EP (Free-Spirit Records)
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Track Listing:

1) Butterfly Valley (with Matthew Williams)
2) Psy Boutique
3) Matthew Williams - Creation of Your Mind - Bahar Canca rmx

Listen to samples:

Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 09/12/2014
General Release 13/01/2015

Genre: Progressive Trance
Cat No: FSR0057EP

Worldwide distribution by
INgrooves, San Franciso, CA
Tel: +1 415 489 7000

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P.R. by AnuKi Media

It’s been a long time coming since her last release, however, festival founder, DJ and artist, Bahar Canca puts on her producer hat to launch latest three-track EP, Psy-Boutique.

Released on Free Spirit Records, Psy-Boutique has been inspired by the festival of the same name and represents three distinct yet powerful styles of sound.

Butterfly Valley, is a collaboration with former production partner, Matt Williams. Together they demonstrate an eclectic taste with a sophisticated prog-influenced tech-house sound. Minimal yet with echoes of an epic dance-floor vibe, it’s a perfect compliment to any alternative music stage, serving up plenty of rhythm reminiscent of that System 7 sound.

Bahar brings her own personal twist to sound production with second track, Psy-Boutique. A truly progressive offering, it represents an eloquent feline energy and is pitch perfect for a daytime groove to warm up the dance floor.

Demonstrating her sparkling energy both on and off the stage, the artist has stepped into her own with this psychedelic interpretation of Creation of Your Mind - a techno track originally produced with Matt Williams on Sub Bubble Records. Bahar and Matt join forces once again for this fresh stomper of a track, re-designed to bring a surge of energy and rush of psychedelic colour to any dance floor!

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-- Bahar Canca -- BIO

Bahar Canca is co-founder of global electronic music event, Psy-Boutique. Established in 2010, the event has been host to several international artists including: System 7, Gaudi, Shane Gobi, Dickster, Jay Om, Wegha, Liquid Ross, Ali Ji, Calemma, Nick Sentience and many others. The artist has kept a vibrant presence within the global electronic music festival scene over several years and is regularly booked to play at some of the most successful events across Europe and Asia. This new EP sees Bahar return to her music production roots as she prepares for yet another season of music events and exciting projects, including the debut album of her new collaborative project, Psyshe.

Bahar Canca joined Free-Spirit Records in 2013

-- Matt Williams -- BIO
Recently signed to Perfect Stranger’s Digital Structures imprint, Matt Williams is an accomplished producer who has been making electronic dance music since 2002. His journey began with the hard dance scene and evolved with a series of projects that led to his debut release with Peppermint Jam UK. The artist advanced his technical expertise working as an in-house producer and engineer for North London’s Park House Studios before joining forces with Bahar Canca to release a steady stream of releases on the studio’s Sub Bubble label.

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