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1  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / VA - Vajra and Lotus (Moon Station Records, 2012) on: 28.09.2012. 23:56


01. Saikozaurus - Growlbox
02. oCeLoT - Automatic Horse
03. DrURy NeViL - Mystic Vibes
04. Therange Freak - Ellylon
05. Gu - Mr. Shinkilow
06. Parus - Luch
07. DrURy NeViL - Space Walk (Remix)
08. Sirtja - Mystical Glade
09. Cifroteca - Fantom Way
10. Witch Freak - What's In The Pot

dj Iris presents a new mystical story for night psychedelic trance fans. Detach from your fixed point towards a wonderful journey in multidimensional space. Let your body and mind fill with powerful musical vibrations from the masters of the genre. Find yourself in a wonderful world, where the unity of opposites is clear, time is stretching and the universe blooms in all possible colors. Visionary artwork is made by Luminokaya. Mastering made at Overdream Studio.

In the material world you still can find some useful stuff. Discover limited edition of UV-active T-shirts with visionary art by Luminokaya, and Vajra pendant by Vladimir Trillobeat (Trillotaty jewelry):


2  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Re: Aedem - Ice (Microcosmos Records) Out Now! on: 19.10.2011. 17:11
Other Shop:

 Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ice/id473627261
 Shop.Microcosmos: http://shop.microcosmosrecords.com/album/ice ($6 for the album in desired format)
 DJTunes: http://www.djtunes.com/aedem/ice-aedem
 Traxsource.com: http://www.traxsource.com/Microcosmos_Records
3  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Aedem - Ice (Microcosmos Records) Out Now! on: 08.10.2011. 11:58

Microcosmos presents

artist: Aedem
title: Ice
label: Microcosmos Records
cat.number: MCRCSMS002
type: Digital
genre: Ambient / Chill-out / Psychill
tracks: 09
Mastered by Syncmasters Studio

Microcosmos Records continues to bring exquisite joy to fans of atmospheric ambient and chillout sound with its beautiful releases. After successful split album “Prism” by Alexander Daf & Aedem, Saint Petersburg’s label prepared brand new release — debut album by talented sound producer Konstantin Terentyev, mostly known for his Medea and Aedem projects. Musician with classical education and professional sound engineer, Konstantin developed his very own unique sound. “Ice” is truly amazing work, 9 original tracks beyond any genre limits. This is unforgettable psychedelic trip — beautiful, mysterious and exciting. The trip not only inside finely interwined sound structures, but also in the inner depths of your soul.


1. Aedem - Ice
2. Aedem - Almost Human
3. Aedem - Septagram
4. Aedem - Sleep Dream Dance Sing
5. Aedem - Citronella
6. Aedem - Moments
7. Aedem - 150 Suns
8. Aedem - Unbeliever
9. Aedem - Weird Sky

Buy at Microcosmosrecords.com ($6 for the album in desired format)
Buy at Beatport
Buy at Junodownload

4  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Tundra & Sunflakes Vol. 2 — Compiled by The Orb (Ketama Records) on: 16.09.2011. 17:42

artist: VA (Compiled by The Orb)
title: Tundra & Sunflakes Vol. 2
label: Ketama Records
type: Digital
genre: Ambient / Chill-out / Electronic
tracks: 12

Ketama Records is Russian vinyl and digital label established by famous Ketama cafe which is definitely one of the best chill out places in Moscow. Ketama Records was created in 2011 to release quality downtempo, chillout, ambient and leftfield music by the most respectable and talented international artists of these genres.

Legendary The Orb project headed with their leader Alex Paterson present brand new compilation for Ketama Records — “Tundra & Sunflakes Vol. 2”, which includes 12 tracks by Thomas Fehlmann, High Frequency Bandwidth, Autolump, Beign, The Orb themselves and many more.

“With love to the Ketama crew for those special cocktail evenings in the Russian dusk of light and beauty”, — The Orb.


01. Thomas Fehlmann — Immer Nie Da
02. The Orb — Flying Carpets
03. High Frequency Bandwidth — I'll Allways Be
04. Gaudi — Under The Surface
05. Beatundercontrol — Nuetron Dub
06. Screen — 15 Minutes
07. 81 Neutronz — Somni's Orison
08. Being — I Used To Be You
09. Autolump — Lumpy Conicals
10. 81 Neutronz — Healing Needle
11. Years Of The Canine — Devil's String (Ambient)
12. High Frequency Bandwidth — High Flying Birds (Being Remix)

Buy at mp3/wav : Beatport.com / Itunes

Ketama Records Facebook Page
Ketama Records Soundcloud Page
5  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Microcosmos Podcast 1: Aedem - Live @ Microcosmos Party (12.02.2011) on: 28.08.2011. 12:38

Microcosmos presents

Microcosmos Records launches new podcast series. You can now listen and download sets and live recordings as well as watch videos from label artists absolutely for free.
On the eve of Aedem’s new “Ice” album release, we would like to invite you to watch live recording of Aedem’s perfomance at Microcosmos party (February 2011) and feel that magic atmosphere that we create on our events.


1) Unbeliever (From new album "Ice")
2) Rise & Shine
3) Aeration
4) Almost Human (From new album "Ice")
5) Rain In my Head

Download Video  (310 Mg / 31 min)

More Info

Facebook Page
6  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / VA - Chaotic Harmony (Moon Station Records, 2011) on: 27.05.2011. 12:51


VA - Chaotic Harmony
compiled by dj Iris

listen on-line

dj Iris presents the new musical map for a mystical journey! The soundwaves will take you through a maze of magic forests and seashores into the deepest structures of your mind. Remember that you will not get lost in this serious trip, because the harmony of mind and spirit is always stronger than chaos, and by transforming chaos into order, the consciousness is moving towards enlightenment.
To your attention fresh tracks from such masters of genre, like Ocelot, CPC, DoHm, Drury Nevil, Overdream, Psychoson, Aku Aku, RED, N.O.M.
Cover' visionary artwork made by Ihtianderson. Mastering by Makus (Overdream Studio).

CD are available at Psyshop, Beatspace, Saikosounds.
Digital download: Beatport and other digital shops 2 weeks later.

7  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Alexander Daf - While You Were Sleeping (Electronic Soundscapes, 2011) on: 08.04.2011. 18:29
Alexander Daf - While You Were Sleeping (Electronic Soundscapes, 2011)

artist: Alexander Daf
title: While You Were Sleeping
label: Electronic Soundscapes
cat.number: ELS 007
type: EP (Digital)
genre: Ambient / Downtempo / IDM
tracks: 06


1. Alexander Daf - A Thousand Tomorrows
2. Alexander Daf - So Long
3. Alexander Daf - Sleeping This Evening
4. Alexander Daf - Birth
5. Alexander Daf - Drowning in a feeling
6. Alexander Daf -  I Left You There

Info: Hailing from Saint Petersburg in Russia, Alexander Daf is well know globally for releases on many labels and compilations. His debut album release was in 2008 on the major American label System Recordings that entered the Beatport Chillout Top 100.
While you were sleeping is the first Alexander Daf release on Electronic Soundscapes and the label's seventh release up to date. An atmospheric extended player embellished with unfolding cinematic soundscapes and gradually enveloping sonic topologies.
A Thousand Tomorrows is the starting point of a submerging cinematic aural shower of floating electrified synths and soft deep baselines. Just when you think that the track is too slacked off, structured rhythmic patterns towards the end, offer hints for the While you were sleeping direction.
So Long is a steadily uplifting airy cinematic soundscape. Cross pointing atmospherics with sweet harmonized filters, tribal scented laid back beats build up a deep panoramic track.
Next, is Sleeping This Evening capturing the release's essence, bridging the atmospheric side with the more glitch scented breaks and deep basslines side of the release.
Birth introduces the listener to glitch influenced breaks accompanied by organic sweet sounding flutes. Innovative and well balanced, Birth lies at the heart of the more experimental side of the release.
Warm organic string chords tingle the senses under an angelic vocals veil on Drowning in a feeling. A nostalgic vibrational cleansing track and unique collaboration between Alexander Daf and Maria Grigoryeva. Unperturbed vocals soak in lush synth pads and soft earthy bass grooves.
I Left You There is the ideal epilogue for the end of the release, gently shifting up from where Drowning in a feeling left us.
The ideal soundtrack for an Autumn rainy afternoon!

Hard to fit into genres Alexander Daf's style lies in the downtempo domain, showcasing a variety of styles and directions. Smooth sonic textures and divine cinematic soundscapes are Alexander Daf's landmarks.

Listen & Buy at Electronic Soundscapes
Listen & Buy at Junodownload
Listen & Buy at Amazon
Listen & Buy at Beatport

Cover Art:

Download Pdf presentation

___More info___
Soundcloud Page
8  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Alexander Daf & Aedem - Prism (Microcosmos Records, 2010) on: 06.06.2010. 11:11

Microcosmos presents

artist: Alexander Daf / Aedem
title: Prism
label: Microcosmos Records
cat.number: MCRCSMS001
type: album (Jewel CD and Digital)
genre: Ambient / Chill-out
tracks: 09
Mastered by Syncmasters Studio

Alexander Ivanov (Alexander Daf) and Konstantin Terentyev (Aedem) are talented sound producers from Russia and Microcosmos label residents. Alexander already released few tracks on well-known European net-labels. His debut full length album “A Thousands Reasons to Be” was released by major American label System Recordings at the end of 2008. This album got lots of flattering responses and entered Beatport’s Chillout Top 100. Nowadays Alexander regularly performs in clubs and participates in various festivals. Recently he produced new album in collaboration with British ambient-artist Matt Coldrick (Pan Electric). Konstantin Terentyev has classical music education (piano classes). He also studied audio engineering for several years. After many experiments with sound Konstantin found his own unique style. He begun perform live-acts and produce tracks under Medea (psychedelic trance) and Aedem (ambient,
chillout) aliases.
Split album “Prism” is the first collaboration between Alexander and Konstantin. Severe, finished with lots of details, this work is full of mystical tunes from the East and snowy melancholy vibes from the North; Album is saturated with soft enveloping melodies and made with combination of electronica and live instruments improvisation. This release completely proves it’s name – infinite versatility of “Prism” attracts and gives an impulse to listener’s hand to push “repeat” button again and again.


1. Alexander Daf — Immersing
2. Alexander Daf - Radius
3. Alexander Daf - Sensuous
4. Alexander Daf - Some Old Depression
5. Aedem - Rain In My Head
6. Aedem - Wasteful Science
7. Aedem - Rise & Shine
8. Aedem - Aeration
9. Aedem - Blind Story

Buy CD at Microcosmosrecords.com
Buy CD at Psyshop
Buy CD at Beatspace
Buy CD at SaikoSounds

9  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Dissociactive - Total Transformation ( Sun Station Records) on: 01.03.2010. 20:05
Dissociactive - Total Transformation (Sun Station Records)

artist: Dissociactive
title: Total Transformation
label: Sun Station Records
cat.number: SSTAR08
genre: Psytrance
09 tracks / 72:46
release date: 02/2010
mastering: Manifold Studio
Digipack CD and Digital

01. 3000 Modulations
02. Bioreaction
03. The Bog
04. Time Sphere
05. Stalker
06. Cinder
07. Unga Bakatunga
08. Lissa in Wonderland
09. 25th Frame effect

Straight after "Underwater Lab EP" Sun Station brings you "Total Transformation" – a new full
length work by famous russian psychedelic master Dissociactive. After successful debut album
"Block Out", released on Acidance Records in 2005, it took several years to bring next psychedelic
masterpiece to worldwide audience. New album is specifically created for total transformation
of your consciousness by means of full power psychedelic music. Drop away all your
fears and doubts and let the sound flow through your body.
All tracks on the album are charged with intense grooves, enveloped with catchy melodies on
different layers and spiced by infectious psychedelic sounds. No doubt that such ingredients will
make people blasting on the dance floors from midnight till early morning. Slava Iskanyan, for
now the only member of the project, putted lots of effort in his work on synthesis and effects
to improve the original Dissociactive sound. As a result, he made it even more clear and diverse,
thereby brought it to the level, which not every artist on the scene has. Music is
deeply filled with "old school" psytrance roots and mounted with fresh high-tech sound design.
So, psychedelic heads of all generations will find something interesting for their ears, legs and
wondering souls. Just keep your mind opened and you will see how the world around will
transform whether you are on freak floor or at home.

Listen online: http://sunstation.ru/releases/sstar08/

Visit our site: http://sunstation.ru
Artist booking: booking@sunstation.ru

Buy CD: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5553
10  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Alexander Daf - Calea EP (Bloodsugar Records) on: 13.12.2009. 13:41

Alexander Daf - Calea EP (Bloodsugar Records)

artist:  Alexander Daf
title: Calea
type: EP
style: Chillout / Downtempo / Ambient
lights: 19.47
release date: 04.12.09


01 Lost in Flames
02 Top Rank
03 It keeps shining
04 Lost in Flames (ambient version)

Alexander Ivanov (Alexander Daf) is a talented sound producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, remarkable for his releases on such respectable labels as, System, Sutemos, Sunstation, Moonstation, Absolute Ambient & etc. In the
end of 2009 he signed a contract with German label Bloodsugar Records which is sublabel of legendary Plusquam Records - psy-trance imprint featured best artists of the genre, such as Freq, Gabriel Le Mar and Ace Ventura to name a few. Bloodsugar is more ambient/downtempo oriented label also interested in progressive and tech house.
New EP by Alexander Daf is one more reason to consider him as one of the
most interesting sound producers on European chillout scene.

Leasten/ Buy mp3/wav Beatport

More Info
11  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / VA - Moon Station (Moon Station Records) on: 04.09.2009. 12:53


VA - Moon Station
compiled by dj Iris

01. Space Shaman - Katedra     
02. Overdream - Throughout The Time
03. oCeLoT - Levitation
04. Kraft - Far From Earth
05. Nyama - Waves
06. Medea - Hellbound
07. Aku Aku - HoHo
08. Red - Mentality
09. Phobos & Deimos - Moon And Sun
10. Glooex - AnyWay

listen online
download preview

dj Iris collected crystals of dark psychedelic trance and made first Moon Station compilation from it. Loaded with music for deep states, it was made to expand the consciousness and experience of psychedelic reality. Our music will make you look at our universe from inside and feel everything connected and balanced. International team of artists will guide you through unpredictable journey. Fresh and deep tunes from Ocelot, Overdream, Kraft, Red, Medea, Nyama, Aku Aku, Phobos & Deimos (N.O.M. & Narcosis duo), Spaceshaman and morning bomb from Glooex, every track was many times tested on the dancefloor. This CD is delivered with amazing cover art from Ihtianderson and quality mastering from Manifold studios.

CD will be available soon at Psyshop, Beatspace, digital stores and local parties.

12  TP.forum / Tribe evolution / Luminokaya lab digital art and design on: 09.08.2009. 11:51
Hello to all openminded  beings!!!
 We would like to introduce you visionary art project - "Luminokaya lab."

One of the main directions we work is digital painting which is used in creation of CD covers (Deja vu rec., Vertigo rec., Cosmic Theater rec., Wider Vision rec. e t.c.), flyers, posters and other visionary art  formation.

We are ready to different kind of collaboration.



Welcome to our site


Probably you'll find out something amazing for cooperation with us!


13  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Alexander Daf - Between Us (Promo mix) on: 06.05.2009. 19:15

SunStation records presents

special for Psytribe.ru

Alexander Daf - Between Us (Promo mix)

artist: Alexander Daf
title: Between Us (Promo mix)
type: promo mix
genre: chillout / downtempo
lenght: 60.28 min
recorded : 04.2009

1 ) Alexander Daf & Aedem -  Flight Path [Avatar Records]
2) Alexander Daf - Next To Field [System Recordings]
3) Alexander Daf & Pan Electric - At The Edge Of The World [Absolute Ambient]
4) Alexander Daf - Ra [System Recordings]
5) Alexander Daf - In a Silent Way [System Recordings]
6) Alexander Daf – Treat Me Right [Pitch Music]
7) Alexander Daf & Aedem – Radius [Unreleased]
Cool Alexander Daf & Aedem - Aeration [Unreleased]
9) Alexander Daf & Pan Electric - So Long [Absolute Ambient]
10) Alexander Daf – It Keeps Shining [Unreleased]
11) Alexander Daf & Pan Electric - Affinity [Absolute Ambient]


Alexander Ivanov (Alexander Daf) — is a young and talented musician from St. Petersburg and one of the most intriguing sound producers on the russian downtempo scene.
Being a devoted fan of ambient and downtempo, he creates his own unique vision of chillout music. His pieces are famous for infinite ambient landcapes, complex rythmical patterns and subtle breeze of eastern etnic sounding. Music of Alexander Daf is well-known and popular all over the world. His music was released in Italy (Laverna), Latvia (Elpa), Ukraine (Sentimony), USA (System Recordings) and others. The legendary lithuanian internet-label Sutemos has included his track "Inflow" in "Intellegent Toys 4" compilation among tracks of other famous musicians such as Vladislav Delay, Lackluster, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Funckarma etc.
In the end of 2008 System Recordings, a major American recording company, released Alexander Daf's debut album "A Thousands Reasons to Be". This work recieved lots of positive reviews and entered Chillout Top 100 of Beatport E-store. Currently Alexander Daf plays live in Moscow and St. Petersburg and participates in major festivals of electronic music. The new album, the result of his colaboration with Matt Coldrick (Pan Electric) will be released this autumn.



more info
14  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Luminexia - Mind Control EP (Sun Station records, 2008) on: 13.02.2009. 11:56

SunStation records happy to present

Luminexia - Mind Control EP

artist: Luminexia
title: Mind Control
label: Sun Station records
cat num: sstar05
type: EP
genre: psytrance,
time: 34:03 min
cover art by: Manin
mastering: AudioValve.org

01. Mind Control
02. Virus On
03. Ultraviolet
04. Mind Links

The Mind Control EP from SunStation marks the debut of Luminexia (Slava Sherstjuk), a talented newcomer from St. Petersburg, Russia, already known from many memorable live shows in his hometown. Now he is ready to present his sound to the rest of the world through the release of four songs, each exhibiting a distinct approach to full-on psychedelic trance. Uniting dark atmospheres, floating melodies, and deep pulsating rhythms, Luminexia has concocted an attractive elixir for night and morning. This release has been mastered by Audiovalve and features cover artwork by Roman Mani.

Download full release pack or choose mp3, flac, wav  in desired quality.

More info and other releases: www.SunStation.ru

Facebook, Myspace, Ektoplazm, Last.fm.

Manifold - Mental Suggestion

Listen to music on-line: http://sunstation.ru/releases/sstar06/

Buy CD from your favourite shop:
Buy at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ssn/ssn1cd006.html
Buy at Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4475

Booking: booking@sunstation.ru
15  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Re: chill out - news on: 22.11.2008. 13:48
Alexander Daf - A Thousand Reasons to Be (System Recordings)

artist:  Alexander Daf
title: A Thousand Reasons To Be
type: Album
style: Chillout / Downtempo / Ambient
lenght: 57.53 min
release date: 18.11.08


01) Alexander Daf - In A Silent Way
02) Alexander Daf - In The Past
03) Alexander Daf - Ra
04) Alexander Daf - Next To Field
05) Alexander Daf - Neoma
06) Alexander Daf - Overeality
07) Alexander Daf - Lesotho
08) Alexander Daf - Reccuring
09) Alexander Daf - Zen Garden
10) Alexander Daf - Detection

Alexander Ivanov (Alexander Daf) —  is a young and talented musician from St. Petersburg, one of the most interesting sound producers on the russian chillout/downtempo scene.

Being 22 years old Alexander was already released on such labels as Sutemos (Lithuania), Sentimony Records (Ukraine), Laverna (Italy), Pitch Music (Russia) and many others. In 2008 Alexander signed a contract on releasing his album with System Recordings – the biggest American record company which works with such stars of the world electronic scene as James Holden, Miss Kittin, Josh Wink, John Digweed, Sasha, Christopher Lawrence, Dieselboy, Adam F, D:Fuse etc.

“A Thousand Reasons To Be” is an adult work of genuine quality comprised of 10 little masterpieces. Every track here is a beautiful story with its own mood, atmosphere and unique sound. Arabic tunes, Eastern percussion, endless landscapes of multi-layer melodies – these are only a small part of those "thousand reasons” to listen this album.

Leasten/ Buy mp3/wav Beatport / Junodownload

more info about artist

Bookings: unitone@sunstation.ru
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