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24.05.2019. 15:50
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1  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Pan - 'Pixel Pusher' out 8/4/19 on Reincarnations Recordings! on: 08.04.2019. 18:07
Out now exclusive to Beatport - Pan - 'Pixel Pusher' on Reincarnations Recordings! 

Listen & buy link: https://www.beatport.com/release/pixel-pusher/2530856
2  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Mina - 'Assimilation & Contrast' out 4/3/19 on: 06.03.2019. 17:06
Out now Mina Music - 'Assimilation & Contrast' on Reincarnations Recordings!

Mina is back on Reincarnations Recordings with an absolutely epic track! 'Assimilation & Contrast' is a progressive psy-trance number that's fresh, innovative & top quality! A deep bass, and driving percussion are layered with mystical vocals and mesmerising lines in a style that is truly unique to Mina and very powerful!

Listen & Buy Link:
3  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Nikki S - new PsyTrance Mix for PsyJukeBox! on: 21.02.2019. 13:45

Check out the new killer Psytrance mix from Nikki S for PSYJUKEBOX!!


This mix features tracks by some of Nikki's favourite artists - Dickster / Dick Trevor, Ajja, Moshe Xe Rox, Volcano, Space Tribe, Faders, Imagine Mars, MAD MAXX, MEKKANIKKA, Relativ, Symbolic, Waio, Cambium, Photosynthesis, Vertical Mode and a couple of her latest releases ... Enjoy!!

4  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Mina - 'Assimilation & Contrast' out 4/3/19 on: 19.02.2019. 16:09
Check out our next release on Reincarnations Recordings from the fabulous Mina with her new track 'Assimilation & Contrast'. 

Out 4th March 2019 exclusive to Beatport!



#psytrance #psytrancemusic #psytrancerelease #psytracefamily #progressivepsytrance #trancemusic #trancefamily
5  TP.forum / Tribe expressions / Interview with Rena Psibindi! on: 16.02.2019. 11:27
Check out my recent HarderFaster interview with the super talented Psibindi (Rena Psibindi)!
6  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Nikki S - new PsyTrance Mix! on: 06.02.2019. 11:54
Check out this killer ★★ NEW PSYTRANCE MIX ★★
from Nikki S!

Blast through the week with her latest mix on the new Alchemy Records podcast series.
➜➜ http://bit.ly/AlchemyPodcast02

This mix features all her own tracks including some of her latest releases, some works in progress and some tracks from her album 'Frequency of Space'
7  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Journey - 'Bubblez' out now on Free-Spirit Records! on: 24.12.2018. 18:24
Out today on Free-Spirit Records - JOURNEY aka Jay OM's new single 'Bubblez'! 

Grab your copy here: https://www.beatport.com/track/bubblez-original-mix/11296339

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8  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Re: Nikki S - 'Experts' out 3/12/18 on: 03.12.2018. 18:07
Nikki S - 'Experts' out now on Alchemy Records!

Beatport Buy Link:

9  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Pan - 'Goa Creamsicle' out now on Reincarnations Recordings! on: 03.12.2018. 17:47
Pan - 'Goa Creamsicle' released today on Reincarnations Recordings is straight in at number 14 in the Beatport Psy-trance hype chart! Well done Pan Martinez! Awesome job for your first solo release!
10  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Nikki S - 'Experts' out 3/12/18 on: 30.11.2018. 16:28
Nikki S - 'Experts' out 03/12/18 on Alchemy Records!

After her last masterful release, Nikki S is back and this time she’s serious. Experts is tough and moody with a tight kick and super bass. Full of surprises, twists and turns, the percussion is light and frisky, the spacey synths sizzle, weaving in and around each other. Out of the spine tingling anthemic melody rips a monster acid line that will blast you into the stratosphere. With a thundering and explosive kick in, this is an absolute dance floor monster … heavy music is most definitely not dead and gone … check this out.

Beatport Pre-Order & Buy Link:
11  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Re: Omsphere - 'Just A Plastic Bottle' out now on Free-Spirit Records! on: 28.11.2018. 15:26
You can watch the video here:

12  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Omsphere - 'Just A Plastic Bottle' out now on Free-Spirit Records! on: 27.11.2018. 13:32
OMSPHERE -'Just A Plastic Bottle' it out now on Free-Spirit Records!

The soundtrack to the thought-provoking short film of the same name, 'Just a Plastic Bottle' is a driving number from Journey aka Jay OM's progressive trance project Omsphere. Just as the film was produced to highlight the impact of plastic pollution, so the track's haunting basslines take the dancefloor on an atmospheric adventure as we cruise along like a plastic bottle in the ocean, unaware of the undertow to come. An ethereal and edgy track, capped with voices from the ocean, designed to make you think about our relationship with the environment and the responsibility that comes with it.

Click here to listen & buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/just-a-plastic-bottle/2424882
13  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Tron - 'Encrypted' EOP out now on Free-Spirit Records! on: 16.11.2018. 09:19
TRON - 'Encrypted' EP on Free-Spirit Records has soared into number 3 in the Beatport chart!

Check out the teaser clip for this powerful extra-terrestrial psy-trancer & grab your copy here:


14  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Mindbenderz - 'Tribalism' out 29/10/18 on Iono Music on: 23.10.2018. 10:30
Mindbenderz debut album 'Tribalism' is out Monday 29 October on Iono-Music!

Check out the teaser video -

& pre-order your copy of this killer album today Smile
15  TP.forum / The sound of the tribe / Nikki S - 'Change The Past' out 8/10/18 on: 29.09.2018. 12:45
Nikki S - 'Change the Past' out on the 8/10/18! Listen to the teaser clip via soundcloud:


& pre-order your copy of this awesome track here:

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