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17.12.2017. 05:02
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 on: 13.12.2016. 20:42 
Started by draeke - Last post by draeke
DAT Records is proud to announce the release of this double album by Virtuart.


1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Vashisht
2 Virtuart & Franky - Wakatoom On The Road
3 Virtuart & Kshoo - Esprit Libre
4 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Sacred Drop
5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - 2068
6 Virtuart & Kshoo - N2 O
7 Virtuart & Maël - Neverending Party
8 Virtuart & Manitù - Red Spirit

1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Prospector M
2 Virtuart - Light Lifter
3 Virtuart & Chronomyst - L'Karnaj
4 Virtuart & Manitù - Indian Summer
5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - Svadeshi
6 Underhead - Orejuna
7 Virtuart - La Sorcičre Des Sables & L'Homme Libre (Sandoz Mix)
8 Virtuart - L'Annee Des 13 Lunes (Galactic Time Mix)
This album was conceived and produced back in the 90s, with the help of many producers and friends. It was never properly released and 100 copies only were ever produced. However, the tracks released back then, were different as the Artist explains, as he worked on the tracks for a long time and had different mixes for each track. Thus the first copies burned and sold around had earlier versions of the tracks, and as time passed by he changed the mixes contained on that scarcely available release. So it is for the first time that Virtuart gathered all the best mixes ever done for these tracks and authorised their official release.
The second part of the album contains rare and unreleased tracks judiciously collected for this release.  A Virtuart & Friends Volume 2 did exist but it was just given away to a bunch of friends, and never released or sold anywhere. A few tracks were changed of the original tracklist, as they were licensed and released during the years but DAT Records tried to keep it as faithful as possible to the original vision of Virtuart.
The music was splendidly mastered by Jaro @ Analog Dimensions, following direct rules on limiting compression, no loudness, and trying to keep the sound as organic and oldschool as possible, still giving it much more clarity, depth and polishing all the frequencies for your aural enjoyment. Marvellous artwork accompany the release, courtesy of genius Miro Moric, who re-interpreted the original idea of Olivier, giving us a shining coloured modern version of it.
A terrific release that will rock the dance floors around the world for many years to come. Don’t miss it!
Samples here for now:
Pre Orders have started, order your copy today from DAT Records:

Release Date: 23 December 2016

 on: 10.12.2016. 18:26 
Started by Patgap Music - Last post by Patgap Music
Artist:  Enichkin
Title:  Lukomorye EP
Artwork & Design:  Valeria Razumova
Genre:  Darkpsy
Format:  Digital, Wav (16 bits)
Length:  22:53
Mastering: MDS @ MadMaXstering
Label:  Patgap Music
Release date: 18 March 2016


01. Enichkin - Tranquility (160 bpm)
02. Enichkin - Force Fields (159 bpm)
03. Enichkin - Trance Former (160 bpm)
04. Enichkin - Journey to Xland (160 bpm)


Release description:

Hurray!!! Patgap music is happy to present the second release: Enichkin – Lukomorye!!!

According to East Slavic mythology, Lukomorye – sacred space on the edge of the Universe, Navel of the World, a place where the World tree is found. The world tree is a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld. There is a belief that the Gods use the World Tree to shift between different realities...

W&P: Sergey Nazarenko

All tracks written and performed by  Sergey Nazarenko  @ Moscow, Russia.

2016 Patgap Music.

© PatGap

 on: 10.12.2016. 17:36 
Started by Patgap Music - Last post by Patgap Music

Artist:  MindSonus
Title:  The Magic Island of the Sounds EP
Artwork & Design:  Valeria Razumova
Genre:  Darkpsy
Format:  Digital, Wav (16 bits)
Length:  17:09
Mastering: Sergey Nazarenko @ Enichkin Studio
Label:  Patgap Music
Release date:  29 November 201


01. MindSonus - Its a Mushroom (160 bpm)
02. MindSonus - One life only music (160 bpm)
03. MindSonus - Quantum Physic (160 bpm)


Release description:

We are happy to invite you for a psychedelic journey to The magic island of the sounds - debut EP by MindSonus. MindSonus is a collaborative project of Alex Zharov from Russia and Panos Karampalasis from Greece, also known as Phagos Sonus and Mind Oscillation.

W&P: Alex Zharov & Panos Karampalasis

All tracks written and performed by  Alex Zharov @ Russia &  Panos Karampalasis @ Greece

2016 Patgap Music.

© PatGap

 on: 02.12.2016. 11:20 
Started by sonicmotionrecords - Last post by sonicmotionrecords
Yurika - Synchronicity - EP - Sonic Motion records - OUT NOW !!

Sonic Motion Records is proud to present a taste of established producer Yurika, delivering an elegant, dynamic morning track 'Synchronicity', which will teleport your mind back to the past summer parties as the dawn is lighting up the dancefloor..
The evocative melodies and hypnotic arrangements will transform any party with palpable force, its rich warmth caressing yet stimulating your ear drums and allowing oneself to get lost into the groove...

[g]Preview :[/g]


Teaser video :


Get your copy here :






Artist info :

Mastering by 7art Studio - France
Cover by PsyflyArt


Catalog: SMRdigiEP018
Release :
Exclusive on Beatport : November 11th 2016
Official release : November 26th 2016

 on: 17.11.2016. 07:40 
Started by Davis - Last post by Davis

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 on: 17.11.2016. 07:39 
Started by Davis - Last post by Davis

You will find several new scents pandora charms sale clearance intense along with Attraction Hug. MY PARTNER AND I misinterpret this colognes for being young plus fun, but the completely strategy behind them is some sort of more radiant female can certainly use these people to be able to think far more sophisticated, plus a mature person can certainly dress yourself in these people in order to look sexy in a very young-looking way. I enjoy precisely how these types of 3 pandora charms sale uk aromas provide loans independantly as a ready-to-wrap product. The bottles tend to be reasonably straightforward, nonetheless some people consist of lovely rounded minuscule hatboxes, and so they each include a different beauty across the neck in the bottle of wine. Nevertheless obtain a item to get someone quite beginning and you’re possibly not completely guaranteed just what exactly they’ll get pleasure from, that fruity-floral fragrance is a good decision. It’s a great easy-to-wear, unique odor that you can have on by early morning in order to nights devoid of obtaining fed up of it or even getting seriously affected through them. It’s a bit way too ‘everyday’ with luck while, although I understand several those that will probably love this. MY PARTNER AND I as well pick up something slightly masculine, that scales this beautifully.

WHEN I in addition encounter this particular to become a ‘young’ scent pandora charms cheap uk, nonetheless WE can’t assist me personally from spritzing them regularly. Consequently previous month it absolutely was this 21st bday in addition to our Nana asked my family to see quite a few jewellery to offer the woman's a perception connected with exactly what I need to out of your girlfriend. Nonetheless my family appearing me, of course I could truthfully possibly not choose precisely what Needed. I'm generally thus indecisive with anything! Therefore WHEN I advised our cousin in order to go along with the Nana and to simply wonder me. Plus feel MY PARTNER AND I glad that i have! I might by no means are already competent to decide a real great gift regarding me. She received me that pandora jewellery sale uk Service bracelet. I enjoy them! It's and so elegant plus simple dissimilar to various other elegance earrings that happen to be absolutely within your experience. This place just simply sits perfectly against your wrist plus compliments just about any wardrobe. That is nothing like of which. This flower paperwork throughout Appeal Went up Rigorous are generally deeply, darkish, intoxicating as well as nothing beats I have ever previously smelled ahead of. There's a new gorgeous woodsy finish for the perfume in addition to along with an impression involving vanilla, patchouli and also amber, it is sexy and feminine as well. This can make myself need to then lie inside the ebony velvet covered field that is certainly a tad insane. I am just on the try to find innovative bed.


 on: 17.11.2016. 07:38 
Started by Davis - Last post by Davis

Up to pandora charms cheap online sale MY PARTNER AND I sooo want to go on with a strong thorough directory the amount most of us love this, POST won’t! Even so just what exactly I may point out usually We've discovered yet another shop to prize our appreciation and that is through jewelry. I'm totally conscious of reproduction LOTR jewellery portions, Galadriel’s engagement ring, the one wedding band, Arwen’s necklace however I notion the fact that pandora charms uk sale has been such a specific collectible to receive of a bond with. This necklaces aren’t devised for LOTR and are also only component of the bracelets club, nonetheless they need a lower meaning if you ask me so you can make anything mood, recollection as well as motif you would like with the assortment. Your infinity signal Seen provides this means to numerous individuals currently being a really generalised token, however owning this used that has a skin icon for Pete that we together reveal the item suggests a whole lot if you ask me and so that’s exactly why WHEN I determined this specific bracelet for being the perfect preference. It might as well symbolise this infinity belonging to the elves throughout LOTR which in turn produces the actual deal between Arwen plus Aragorn.

This attractiveness with the pandora charms online uk service providers is usually that you may develop allure loops in making this bracelet tight; the wrist is so tiny we as a rule have to acquire your child’s dimensions within jewelry as well as the littlest measurement out there so I really find it difficult to discover elements in which fit. Thankfully MY PARTNER AND I identified that the keeping of that bracelets is really adaptable. You can clip at in the trap on your infinity warning, or create these people into the areas around the bracelet. My personal mother along with I both get Pandora earrings and also the mum may include beads via various other makers in generally there. Nonetheless, as soon as you put another pandora rings uk sale branded bead on to your current bracelet one does invalidate the make sure. The particular delicate connection eternalises that special, engraved phrases along with enchants both in magical with flower or perhaps gold plating. Jewelry with engraving will become fully glamorous using a mode with pavé zirconia or an exceptional elimination border. In the matter of selected models, your tavern may be by using any zirconia stone-embellished feather or your highly-expressive infinity ticker, could possibly be featured along with image habits or perhaps differentiate yourself along with dazzling skulls. The rounded pendants about the anklet bracelets and silver necklaces are usually absolutely perfect intended for simple messages, for example the initials with a couple artists or some sort of soul.


 on: 17.11.2016. 07:38 
Started by Davis - Last post by Davis

The particular pandora charms sale uk along with beans created through ebony obsidian has already been a real basic that can require hub phase along with quite a few Necklaces – together night and day. I want womanly elements consequently I used to be ingested aback after i obtained a new pandora bracelet. Fashion, styles occur as well as goes with that move, however the within thing at this time can be pandora. That pandora brand is wash minimize using a great edgy appearance, caters for us girlie's perfectly. The good news is collection of ear-rings, jewellery as well as bracelet. The actual dark-colored stones are usually for a grow nylon wire hence may be slipped on to this wrist. This pandora charms sale clearance has an top quality elegance service, in order to which often as much as A FEW bracelets might be attached. Now i am ecstatic since Mother day time is just across the next corner. POST shall be requesting my children for your elegant beauty. The actual pandora group is definitely tremendous, so include the bracelets which can be included to also your silver necklaces & anklet bracelets, there are lots of to choose from which enable it to possibly be swapped about. pandora alternates clusters of pearls along with larger pearls to create that fairly beauty tote bracelet. The particular pearls usually are strung in the 17cm generate cord which usually falls quickly covering the wrist. That female bracelet is actually complete which includes a silver top quality appeal carrier which in turn retains as much as three pandora bracelets.

You can use minor CZ within the plants centres pandora charms sale online, you choose to can’t view in the stock options photography. This drops will be just about all round and also they’re equivalent in space to be able to Pandora clips. This necklaces are generally hollow plus downfall all around about the cycle unhindered, thus POST hugely suggest stoppers or health and safety stores which might be quite affordable. There are actually no post within the string, and also really little central Muranos may match about the bracelet and wouldn’t look out regarding area. My beloved depth of this element will be the form that's pandora charms cheap uk specific with all the Karma Drops wheel of lifetime logo which enable it to become wrongly recognized as being a attraction. It's out there having silver precious metal or even oxidized conclude in sizes 16 cm – 24 cm; while MY SPOUSE AND I don’t consider the good news is enormous change between both the colorings. That is a fantastic brand nevertheless, and I just think it’s value considering. WHEN I intend on giving an even more in-depth comparing concerning both the basics in the not to distant future once I’ve had my personal Karma bracelet for a short time. This low cost can not be applied to Pandora merchandise, but otherwise can be used together with almost all some other brand names make carry which include Trollbeads, Chamilia, as well as History by Kranz & Ziegler.


 on: 17.11.2016. 07:37 
Started by Davis - Last post by Davis

Personally i think with this pandora charms sale online it's very easy fold, comfortable along with the necklaces don’t move regarding. WHEN I consider purchasing your allure me personally, while WHEN I thought WE can’t present to you the uncovered bracelet! MY SPOUSE AND I wound up receiving the Mail ‘E yet WHEN I just have to have to observe my personal Pandora to help comprehend POST invest that plus much more upon a few bracelets! The particular Black Obsidian Bracelet retails with regard to £29. 95 i always sense is a really considerable selling price. Less costly in comparison with precisely what the pandora charms uk sale charge plus Let me get additional work with beyond the item because Personally i think secure sporting this daily. The item seems really strong and Personally i think safe and sound realizing We've FREE OF CHARGE Warrantee in addition in the event that it really is that will separate and also obtain destroyed. capital t enough time Globus experienced the actual exceptional pertaining to carryinpandora charms inside Switzerland, and while the collection seemed to be nowhere when great precisely as it is currently, it was before amazing, but it seemed to be like in the beginning view. That elegance collection, labeled pandora Elegance Tavern, ended up being genuinely just what drew me within; perfectly designed expensive jewelry, similar to smaller gold statues, packed inside somebody small do not lik common box. Fun! And you will make charm jewellery, besides earrings – I like charms a lot more as compared with WE ever can anklet bracelets, hence this was definitely a new advertising stage.

Your pandora charms sale clearance as well as pandora Sterling silver necklaces brand have also developed, and today depend many hundreds parts, every year extra authentic, comprehensive and also eye-catching versus the following. This expensive jewelry consist of a large number of subject areas, from fashion-related objects to help Disney heroes; out of sport-related necklaces in order to famous ancient monuments in addition to cultural emblems; and more, including categories for instance Rough outdoors Rest of the world, Medieval, Marriages, or anything else. I'm attempting to acquire our related your allure bracelet. I really like that pandora one women and men added expensive jewelry are extremely expensive. We've noticed inexpensive charms on places for instance Warren John for example and also been curious about in case anybody have your black friday pandora charms sale however used more cost-effective expensive jewelry and also you can actually propose alternative bracelets/charms. I love attraction anklet bracelets, to my opinion they may be anything that will ask about a special thoughts, Relating to the one which provides merchandise at from when i passed my driving test while I handed down the uni assessment to call a few situations, along with necklaces We have also been given upon Birthday’s in addition to Christmas. Even so occasionally that doesn’t healthy your ensemble to obtain numerous bracelets with your wrist what is going on exactly where that good idea through pandora is available in. The item helps you put on expensive jewelry using their elegance golf club for a bracelet that's virtually a total record article without attention.


 on: 17.11.2016. 07:37 
Started by Davis - Last post by Davis

I need to say of which I’ve for no reason been recently far too looking towards pandora charms cheap online ’s Effusion internet marketing, in particular precisely as it gets to the look from the necklaces, which may have the value many people symbolize inscribed about them. All round, I know that your Karma array is usually a bit less saccharine in it is ideology. However, while MY SPOUSE AND I admire your conceptual in the Pandora Fact assortment more general, you will find zero ‘wow’ bits. There is absolutely no record item, very little appeal that will can make my family believe that I need to individual the idea. pandora charms sale online ’s designs, altogether, can be a little edgier, since is seen for example in their skull range. Even though I must state which i absolutely loathe most head designs. this Thomas Sabo rare metal plus went up antique watches parts are generally merely plated – it isn't sturdy precious metal. Your Pandora Substance selection, on the other hand, won't offer virtually any yellow metal portions. With this value, I don’t like plated bits, while they are much less long-lasting compared to genuine article despite the fact that I could certainly not afford an authentic precious metal item at this time!

There exists a many overlap in the patterns the thing is that involving all the beauty as well as pandora charms disney uk. Another thing that’s dependable is often a positive deluge connected with flowered styles as well as symbol lovable wildlife. I was yearning pertaining to anything more present-day feeling research the power to be able to indicate the impending seasonal traits. I want to anything very soft. To sophisticated, I've very smaller wrists as well as a complete beauty bracelet is definitely an vision finding and catching, glitzy bit of jewelry. MY SPOUSE AND I in the long run wished this necklaces to perform that speaking as well as always be the concentration, certainly not your bracelet by itself. Consequently WE wanted the finest with the pandora charms christmas 2016 carrier earrings in addition to I’m delighted by using it. It’s simple as well as girly promising any brand hoop near to the fastening (which may be a lobster form. ) My only self deprecation by itself relates to this specific. I am aware most people who find lobster clasps tricky to help secure and also the merely suggestions I can definitely give for all those tormented by this is certainly to order your a little bit much larger bracelet. The additional cycle period will give you excess “wiggle room”. The actual string is trendy, fashionable and also classy.


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