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21.06.2018. 12:57
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 on: 18.04.2016. 10:15 
Started by Elixir Events - Last post by Elixir Events
New Release from SUPERCOZI - Sun Drenched EP [Kundalini Records]!
Filled with sun tripped out bass and psy-glitch tribal grooves, EP ' Sun Drenched ' is truly an achievement for Japanese producer / DJ Supercozi ( a.k.a Cozi Till ), also one half of Zen Lemonade, psychedelic & progressive, tech-trance duo with Gus Till.

Listen / Buy it here Mp3/WAV:
Juno : http://bit.ly/23x9hPS
Beatport : http://btprt.dj/23x6pCE
iTunes : http://apple.co/1NkdOfa
Amazon : http://amzn.to/1Q2TBKy

 on: 09.04.2016. 09:45 
Started by Hallucinator - Last post by Hallucinator
We are happy to announce that we have been able to successfully implement our idea and complete our 6th compilation.

A Swamp, Downtempo compilation with a touch of Dub is the theme we'll bring to you this time,including new projects,yet well-known underground producers.
We want to thank all the artists contributing on our idea and making it come alive.

Also,special thanks goes to James McCarthy for providing us with his amazing artwork, Nick Sumbles who did a great job with the release description, Arian Rrecaj who did a great job with typography, and to our friend Makus (Overdream Studio) for always supporting us in the most professional manner in all aspects, especially his exceptional work in mastering.

Release Description:

Far across the cosmos, tucked away beneath unknown worlds, an organic life form collapses to the ground.
Their life, a microscopic twinkle in the distant reaches of the universe, is over.
Although their journey has appeared to come to an end, an astronomical adventure awaits.
It is time for a transmigration; an exploration throughout space and time where the soul leaves the body and travels to another.
Death is an end just as much as it is a beginning.
It is the start of a new chapter, and this passionate collaboration aims to take you on that odyssey, an auditory march towards existence itself.

Prepare yourself to experience the voyage of the soul, where you will roam towards other dimensions to discover life through phenomenal soundscapes.

We just wanted to share some details about the new projects on our compilation.

Project called Ursus is Joonas Lehtinen from Finland known as Vertical.
Project called Modulated By Nature is Roelike Bunzendahl from Denmark known as Jahbo.


01. Ursus - Formation (92 bpm)
02. Modulated By Nature - Octailens (103.5 bpm)
03. Already Maged - Playing With Demons (66 bpm)
04. Shunya - Sink in (110 bpm)
05. Daoine Sidhe - Natural Antisceptic (120 bpm)
06. Tengri - Last Temple (90 bpm)
07. Vlastur & Dark Elf - Siolim (140 bpm)
08. Quip Tone Beatz - Botanical White Elephant (100 bpm)
09. Bent Breaker - The Separator (120 bpm)
10. Captain Kirk - Krypto (140 bpm)

Compiled by: Silent Existence
Mastered by: Makus (Overdream) @ Overdream Studio ( http://www.overdreamstudio.com/ )
Artwork by: James McCarthy ( http://www.surrealseasons.webs.com/ )
Release date: Tba

Free Internet Release by: Silent Existence

 on: 30.03.2016. 21:26 
Started by Mozza - Last post by Mozza

09/04/2016/ Magacin Depo / Travnicka 3 / Beograd

Xperiment & Intellect present: TransienT


Ako iko poznaje tajne i dubine psychedelic trance fenomena, to onda moraju biti njeni pioniri. Giganti, koji su svoje veštine, umetnost, kulturu i neiscrpnu energiju, decenijama gajili, kalili i sejali po peščanim dinama, misterioznim džunglama i egzotičnim plažama. Frank-E KoxBox, Young Kim i Dickster dolaze iz potpuno različitih delova sveta, ali sa istim ciljem; da svoje kulturološke razlike prikažu kroz svoj autentičan zvuk i da ih kroz publiku povežu u jednu divnu celinu. TRANSIENT je podvig koji je usmeren na ljude, osmeh, energiju, zvuk i ples. Oni koji to razumeju, dobro nam došli.

>>> DJ Stole & DJ DaPeace B2B XperimenT & Chaotic Beats <<<


>>> Kox Box Live // Zero 1 Music rec (DK) <<<

>>> Dickster DJ set // Nano Rec (UK) <<<


>>> Young Kim DJ set // EtnicaNet rec (KOR) <<<

>>> Deco by Zenit-Galaxy <<<


>>> Soundsystem D&B Audiotechnik <<<

Pretprodaja karata po trenutnoj ceni od 700 din na prodajnim mestima:



 on: 27.03.2016. 13:03 
Started by Patgap Music - Last post by Patgap Music
Artist: Enichkin
Title: Lykomorye EP
Artwork & Design: Valeria Razumova
Genre: Psytrance
Format: Digital, Wav (16 bits)
Length: 41 mins 55 secs
Mastering: MadMaXstering
Label: Patgap Music
Release date: 18 March 2016
01. Enichkin - Tranquility (160 bpm) 12:00
02. Enichkin - Force Fields (159 bpm) 09:27
03. Enichkin - Trance Former (160 bpm) 09:48
04. Enichkin - Journey to Xland (160 bpm) 10:38

Release description:

Hurray!!! Patgap music is happy to present the second release: Enichkin  Lukomorye!!!
According to East Slavic mythology, Lukomorye  sacred space on the edge of the Universe, Navel of the World, a place where the World tree is found. The world tree is a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld. There is a belief that the Gods use the World Tree to shift between different realities...

All tracks written and performed by Sergey Nazarenko @ Moscow, Russia.
© Patgap Music 2016 

 on: 23.03.2016. 10:47 
Started by Elixir Events - Last post by Elixir Events
WeAreOne April 23rd - 1st Birthday Celebration!!!

Saturday, April 23rd at 7:15 PM @ Trinity United Reform Church, Buck St, Camden, London, NW1 8NJ

We are very excited to anounce that the next WeAreOne Positivity Rave will be our first birthday.

It is going to be very special!!!

We have been improving our music policy and the response has been overwhelmingly good.

Get connected, dance and fall in love with life again!

Combining uplifting group meditation, great dance music and positive suggestions we raise the love and celebrate!

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, alive and happy.

WeAreOne is a drink and drug free celebration of life. We make no judgement on your desire to use such substances, however there are plenty of other events which you can go to where such behaviour is welcome! We're trying to do something different.

Doors open at 7.15 pm, to get the full effect be there for the beginning. This is not a drop-in event. At the beginning there is a group meditation which sets the loving tone for the whole event. It is important you don't miss that. Please note the new prices below.

Plus, we will be offering divine and delicious hot cacao to get people even more loved up.

After dancing there’s a relaxed social, we advise bringing cushions so you can be really comfortable. We then have a beautiful open mic session, so if you have anything you want to share feel free. We always have some incredible singers, poets and performers.

We even had some people come up for some unconditional applause. Getting love for their simple existence. That is a lovely thing to receive.

We have then extended the time to add more time for socialising so we will now be finishing at 11.30pm

Address: Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck Street, Camden, London, NW1 8NJ

Entrance before 7.45pm is £15

Entrance after 7.45pm is £20

Dress code: Come in whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Be free. If you want to come playful, sparkly, wild and wonderful that would be lovely and most welcome too!

All ages welcome and kids 15 and below are free

To get the most from the experience go here to download the free welcome and preparation recording. This is highly recommended.


50% of the profits go to the FreeMind Project Charity:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/177121776011001/

 on: 07.03.2016. 15:22 
Started by sonicmotionrecords - Last post by sonicmotionrecords
Atyss - Human - EP - Sonic Motion - Out now !!

Sonic Motion Records present


Sonic Motion Records is back in 2016 with its latest release, delivering a pair of twilight hi-tech twisters as a great way to start the new year...

The first track, Human, is a nighttime stomper written by  Atyss with his signature tense and melodic style. The second tittle 3P Motion, is a collaboration track with Josh aka Outer Signal bringing his usual heaviness and psychedelia, Atyss with his hi-tech production skills and finally Yurika weaving the whole together with her melodic aftertouch.

The Sonic Motion crew once again will take you into shadowy unknowns, delivering the usual rolling basslines, catchy hooks and deep textures, with every artist weaving his and her signature styles into these powerful musical stories. There is more to come so stay tuned and see you on the dancefloor!

1- Atyss - Human
2- Atyss vs Josh Outer Signal vs Yurika - 3P Motion

Get your copy here :







All tracks written & produced by Atyss
Except : 3P Motion (w&p with Lior Josh Outer Signal & Yurika)
@ Sonic studio. Paris - France

Mastering by Atyss - France
Cover by Meskalart - Portugal



Catalog: SMRdigiEP014

Release on all Digital stores on : March 4th 2016

 on: 27.02.2016. 01:17 
Started by ae - Last post by ae
prodajem za 500 kuna.


kupac neka se javi na pm.

 on: 15.02.2016. 19:22 
Started by Alienn Hypergate Rec. - Last post by Alienn Hypergate Rec.
GAMEP049 - ViBERS - Unexpected (EP) - OUT NOW !!!


"Vibers" is a collaboration between Alienn and Brainwash from Portugal,
the merger of two brilliant minds creates an explosion of new ideas,
thus creating a unique style within the Psychedelic.
One of the main characteristics of this project,
is to create and record in the studio original voices and percussion/rhythm.

 on: 12.02.2016. 22:07 
Started by stevo - Last post by stevo
TIMETABLE & Extras Wink

TECHNO Floor :

23:00 Dali B
01:00 S&C
03.00 Mary
05:00 Ivan Komlinović
07:00 Allan
09:00 Pila

PSY Floor :

22:00 Kićma
00:00 Allan
02:00 Sekkt
04:00 Zvuk
06:00 Czellux
08:00 Stevo
10:00 Czellux/Allan/Stevo B3B

NAPOMENA - visitorse koji dodju do 00 sati na upadu čeka free čašica domaće rakije od đumbira!!! Smile))))

A jos danas je otvorena nagradnjaca na UES Magu!!

Vidimo se ekipaaaaa Smile))))))

 on: 01.02.2016. 04:03 
Started by stevo - Last post by stevo
Pratite nas i na fejsu .... Wink


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