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Festival: BLACKMOON FESTIVAL - 01.-05. June 2011 - Ancona - Italy

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BLACKMOON FESTIVAL - 01.-05. June 2011 - Ancona - Italy

We’re preparing the first edition, that will take place during the black moon of june 2011;
right during this lunar phase, the moon will be perfectly alligned with the Sun and the Earth,
creating the eclipse on june 1st, unluckily not possible to be seen from Italy.

Through the eclipse the Moon connects with the Sun,
creating a special alchemy that celebrates  the unity of male and female,
the nocturnal archetype (sensibility) and the day (vitality): a new beginning.

We can experience the strong renewing Energy of the eclipse in this special period,
where the regenerative ability of body and nature is at its peak.

Human beings are Energy, made of the same matter than animals, trees, planets..
Everything can be synchronized with the Energy of nature, and through this we can
enjoy the benefits of the intense vibration of those days!


Main floor:

6th Floor (Cosm Records)    
Add Simeon (Something Groovy)    
Ankh (T.U.A.)    
Archaic (Wildthings Records)    
Back to Mars (Mind Funk Rec./Magnetika)    
Boom Shankar (BMSS Records)    
Chameleon (Liquid Records/Dragonfly)    
Dickster (Nano Records)    
Dissociactive (Sun Station Records)    
Djane Su (Love Production)    
Djane Gheda (Boundless Records)    
Electric Sheep (Cosm Records)    
Face (Free Spirit Records)    
Flooting Grooves (Peak Records)    
Gaiana (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Gido (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Ginetik (Freak Bazaar)    
Green Nuns Of The Revolution (Flying Rhino Records)    
Golikem (Bioma Tribe)    
Ianuaria (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Ital (Antu Records)    
Kayaman (Freak Bazaar)    
Logic Bomb (Solstice Music)    
Luca & Jazzmine (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Marchetto (Bioma Tribe)    
Mars (T.U.A.)    
Neuroplasm (Blue Hour Sounds/Freak Bazaar)    
Nico (Bioma Tribe)    
Peyo (Blue Hour Sounds/Trancemission)    
Panasonika (Trance-In-Lusio)    
Paraphone (Cosm Records)    
Rising Sine (Freak Bazaar)    
Tantrix (Blue Hour Sounds/Freak Bazaar)    

Plus a couple of surprises! Stay tuned...    

+ The Winner of the DJ Contest

Chill out floor:

The Chillout Stage will be supported by Dharma Tribe. (http://www.dharma.biz/)

Ashroohm Live Concert    
Kaya Project (Interchill)    
Hibernation (Aleph Zero)    
Master Margherita (Peak Records)    
Pineal (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Hermetica (Cosm Records)    
Avaris (Wildthings Records)    
Add Simeon (Something Groovy)    
Iain Dub (Something Groovy)    
Wild Metč (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Pablo Selecta (Trancemission)    
Chillsomina (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Bentley (Soundsplatters)    
Bluestorm (Blue Hour Sounds)    
Pedroine (Trancemission)    
Danilo (Bioma Tribe)    
Ankh (T.U.A.)    
Metamorph (Happy Family)    
Nami (Dynamique)    
Diego (Bioma Tribe)

+ Market Place / Performance / Activities

The festival takes place in a beautiful, green location in the hills near Ancona / Senigallia
You can get to the sea in 25 minutes, and have the possibility to visit touristic attractions like the Caves of Frasassi and more!


More info:

ॐ श्ल्यिवोरुस
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19.04.2011. 21:54
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Festival: BLACKMOON FESTIVAL - 01.-05. June 2011 - Ancona - Italy

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