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VA - Bon Odori (Lonely Planet Recs, JP, 2011, fREE download, DARK PSY))

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Artist: VA
Title: 梵踊り Bon Odori – Compiled By Yosi
Label: Lonelyplanet Records
Genre: Dark Psy, Psytrance
Date: 24/06/2011
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 167MB

1. Cut the Cheese – Slipstream
2. Aghori Tantrik – Bon phat
3. SPAGETTIBRAIN – Try to fly
4. Kosmic Mantra VS Xochipilli – Mystic Belladona
5. JUNXPUNX – Mint
6. KanibaL HolokausT – baka van vremena
7. Miracle’s – Dream Goround
8. TERRATECH – Lumen
9. Spiscess – 2 piscess


Message from the guy who compiled it (Yosi):
1st of all i would like to say I'm sorry to
who lost family or friends on this world mass up things
Earth quakes
Democratic revolution
Colon bacillus
 Maybe there is something more..
And make me feel depress when i saw headline news.
 i think our mother earth shriek out to us
What we will be able to do for Next Genelations ?   

By the way..
The title name 梵踊り ( Bon odori )
This isn't exactly Japanese word..
But some people are understand why i wanted to put this
"梵 " not  " 盆 "( Bon ) Wink

We have this Bon odori in summer time.
 This is a kind of traditional summer's family event in each local area of Japan.
 I've been my local town on every summer in my childfood with my family or friends.
And each local area have each local tracks & dance.

The summer blast season will be soon.
 We just wanted to same like an artists or DJs play music
& support to your dance for good trip or fun or any good memories.

I'll be happy that artists or DJs choose track from here to play & make some fun
for your next blast season.

My english isn't good & also hard to explane..
But i'll glad to you gonna check some photos or some URL
about Bon odori in the image folder
And then you'll have an image of my concept.

Thank you for download this compilation & share with your time
Enjoy it!"

More Free Music @ Sonic Tantra Recs Free Music Section
My Projects:
Aghori Tantrik (Sonic Tantra Recs)
Neological Vibration (Flying Woofer Recs)
Olivaws TwiSt
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The Bigger Tribe  |  A Tribe Beyond Croatia  | 

VA - Bon Odori (Lonely Planet Recs, JP, 2011, fREE download, DARK PSY))

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