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29.7.-1.8: SPIRIT OF THE MOON psy-goa open air festival

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Zvuk Ahimze

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2nd international psychadelic-open air festival International picnic center Kamniška Bistrica pri Kamniku
29th July-1 August 2004


Live: NOMAD (3D Vision records/France)

Nomad is a well-known figure of the psychedelic trance scene.
He started his thriving career in 1992 being involved in the French scene.
A self made Guitarist, he naturally moved to psychadelic trance production.
Mael aka Nomad got known with a first project Elixir, a collaboration with Christof(Absolum live) and Lestat(Talamsca live).
Since, he plays at the greatest trance events with his Nomad project, in France, but especially abroad (Japan, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, USA).
He got involved in some collaborations with Oforia, GMS, Absolum or Talasmaca which received all a big success and confirmed Nomad presence on the international scene.
Co-founder of 3D Vision records together with Christof(Absolum) and Lestat(Talamasca),
he deals with the artistic part of the label work.
His first solo album Hyperactive was released on 3D Vision.
Second album called Mad Attack was released year ago on the same label.His tracks was released on numerous
compilations from labels like 3D Vision,HomMega,Moonspirit,Twisted,Dragonfly..
Nomad is now reaching another level , where the highest sound quality meet with his most pumping sequences!!!
Mind control is naturally the next step for him ; this label , created with Talamasca ,
will give him another opportunity to show that his specific style ,
who contribuated to make the reputation of the “french pressure” .

MAEL (3 D Vision records/France)
TV(Ketuh records,Sonic distortion/Czech republik)
CYMOON (Sonic distortion/Czech republik)
RAWE (Sonic distortion/Czech republik)
MEKO (Goaspirit/Italy)
DANEE (Cosmicord/Hungary)
NUON (Cosmicord/Hungary)
MATAKANA (Shivas 3rd room/Austria)
GARGAMEL (Shivas 3rd room/Austria)
HIP (Hadshot Haheizar,Solarsiv rec.,/Croatia)
KOBAYAGI (Underwater Overground/Croatia)
SEKKT (Tribalizer/Croatia)
ID (Akrobatik/Macedonia)
TOMMY WONDER (Spirit Of The Moon/Slovenia)
KRISTOF (Akrobatik/Slovenia)
Djane VEGA (Akrobatik/Slovenia)
NAVEEN (Violet perception/Slovenia)
ZVUK AHIMZE (Audiodevlish K4/Slovenia)
CU (Audiodevlish K4/Slovenia)
KILGORE TROUT (Black Millk/Slovenia)
MNORIK (Black Millk/Slovenia)

Chill (world,ambiental,reggae,dub,chill,etno..) area:

BABA-K ( Generation of Jah production/Nigeria)
HIP (Hadshot Haheizar/Croatia)
VANJA (Croatia)
MEKO (Goaspirit/Italy)
DUB BUD (K4/Slovenia)
YIDAKI (Dub system/Slovenia)
ATA R (Dub system/Slovenia)
NAVEEN (Violet perception/Slovenia)
TOMMY WONDER (Spirit Of The Moon/Slovenia)
KRISTOF (Akrobatik/Slovenia)
ZVUK AHIMZE (Audiodevlish K4/Slovenia)
CU (Audiodevlish/Slovenia)

+ more T.B.C.

4 days and 3 nights of psyculture gathering, art, dance and cosmic energy

Gates will open on the 29th July at 4 AM for you to set up your camp.

Entry to the Spirit Of The Moon will not be allowed before.

Doors will be closed on Monday, so you will have one day more to relax.

This is our second festival, first one happened in Bovec 2 years ago.

Our wish is to connect people to international tribes and make the gatherin g point for all kind of seeking travellers.

Main area features psytrance artists from (France, Germany, Czech republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia).

Chill out area near the river features world, dub, reggae, ambiental, chill and etno music, with artists from Jamaica, Italy,Croatia and Slovenia.

There will be also performance area for artistic skills like juggling, devi l stickers, diablo, magic skills.

Come to feel the vibration of the full moon night and absorb spiritual ener gies of this mistycal location located near river Kamniska Bistrica and surrounded with mountains and forest.

For prices and presales look ticket section.

Festival facilities:

large main area (Electrovoice 20kW sound system)
chill out feat (world,dub,reggae,ambiental,etno) near the river (5kW sound system)
performace area (if you want to perform juggling, devil stickers, diablo, magic skills.)
flea market
didgeridoo workshop by Andrej Glavic
large camping zone
toilets, shower

Rules of the festival:
No markets or sales without prior written constent!
Keep the nature clean and untouchtable. There will be garbage bags around the location and on the entry you will receive garbage bag for camp!
Parents take care for your children!
No independent sound systems!
No illegal activities allowed!
No open fires!
The organizer does not take responsability for lost or stolen property and any injury of festival visitors.
The organizer reserves the right to restrict acces to people who the security guards consider to be a threat to all other visitors

Tickets (Limited)
5000 Sit/22 Euro on entry (4 day ticket)
4000 Sit/18 Euro presale till 22nd of July (4 day ticket)
3000 Sit/14 Euro (one day ticket)

Presale contacts:

Dallas mute shop
Rimska cesta 14

Order ticket:
Mail: tickets@spiritofthemoon.com
Phone: 00386 (0)31 344 464,
00386 (0)31 364 540

Superheroes shop
preradovičeva 32
10000 zagreb
phone: 0915143618

phone: 3294192422

Shiva`s 3rd room
phone: 06645108194

phone: 06204805009

Czech republik:
Sonic distortion:
phone: 0776647433

Informations : info@spiritofthemoon.com

Press : press@spiritofthemoon.com

Book your shop: shop@spiritofthemoon.com

Love&Peace from Spirit Of The Moon
10.06.2004. 21:47
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29.7.-1.8: SPIRIT OF THE MOON psy-goa open air festival

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