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Chill Out Planet Psyware

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The Chill Out Planet is a psychedelic clothing  phenomena that came from the Russian underground. It was founded by a community of creative individuals making experiments in the filed of psychedelic arts. Members of that community wanted to be distinguished by stylish clothing to find each other on the streets or in the clubs. That's how the first very limited edition of Chill Out Planet clothing appeared in 1996 and was widespreaded only among friends and supporters. After receiving positive feedbacks and numerous requests for new clothes,  the decision to start the Chill Out Planet studio on a professional basis was made.
  Nowadays, the Chill Out Planet is a psychedelic clothing company with world wide distribution, well known in the party scene in almost all coners of the psychdelic world from Europe to Japan as well as from GOA to USA and Brazil. At Chill Out Planet we are focusing  on creating both original and remarkable artworks for our clothes, collaborating with the most advanced psychedelic designers as well as paying extra attention to the quality of  the materials and technology which are used to produce these items. Your comfort and unique look is first order of imporatance for us.
 You are very welcome to visit our online shop for a full catalogue of our products which can be delivered to you anywhere in the world and get more info about special discount You can get now.

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Chill Out Planet Psyware

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