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04.01.2013 Forestdelic presents: DIstorted Goblin. Ljubljana

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(DARK rec/ Intellegent monkey rec) Macedonia


Distorted Goblin project was created in a modest studio in Macedonia back in 2005 (more or less) by me (Milan), and I stand behind this project since then.

Originally i come from Macedonia (born and raised) but now i live and work in Prague, Czech Republic where i have my studio setup.

Distorted Goblin tracks can be heard on several compilation by various labels such as: DARK Records, Mighty Quinn, Sonic Chakras, Intelligent Monkey, Secret Tale and Geomagnetic Records.

Psy fans were already able to hear Distorted Goblin live on several occasions in countries such as: Macedonia Denmark, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and England.

If you would like any additional information please visit my pages on Facebook, Myspace and Reverbnation, Also, i would be thrilled if i receive email with comments and critics regarding my project and music.

Hope you enjoy,


DJs :

Zabaero Project (Psy riots crew) Greece

SkokniPaLokni (Forestdelic red) Slovenia

x0ipilli (Freelancer) Slovenia

Lunar deco (forestdelic) Maceodnia

Date: 04,01.2013
Klub: Orto - Bar, Ljubljana
Enter: 8 eur/6 with flyer
Start: 22h


12.12.2012. 18:42
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19.12.2012. 15:31
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04.01.2013 Forestdelic presents: DIstorted Goblin. Ljubljana

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