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Parrket na Trancers Guide Kompilaciji

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Evo c/p sa isratrancea http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/topic/58348/forum/41

Artist: Various
Title: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy – Compilation 2005
Label: Millennium Records/Mushroom Magazine
Genre: Psychedelic/progressive
Format: Double-CD and Trancers Guide magazine in a special box
Release: April


Psychedelic CD:
01. Kybalion - I’m an Alien (Austria)
02. Mukunga Umbura - Wake-up (Brasil)
03. 2Hi (Marcello V.O.R. & Vibra) - Slick Move (UK)
04. Alternative Control - Sub Marine (Serbia)
05. Mekkanikka - Bienvenido al Futuro (Spain)
06. Psypsiq Jicuri - Solutions (Chile)
07. Karmachanic’s - Psyflute (Japan)
08. Lani - Lost in Venice (Belgium)
09. Drugon - Funny Noise (RMX) (Israel)
10. Red Eye Express – Song for Alex (Australia)

Progressive CD:
01. Parrket - Enjoying the Sunscroll (Croatia)
02. D-Tector – Tonic (Portugal)
03. Rai – This is Original (Czech)
04. Jaia – Orchestra Two Point Zero (France)
05. 4 Winds Circle – Overtones (Mexico)
06. Ticon – Spin Cycle (Sweden)
07. Igneous – Stay with us (Greece)
08. Salaris (Sangeet & Mullekular) – Fresh Breeze (Germany)
09. Psypilot – Psychedelic Music (Switzerland)
10. Bluetech – Condensation (Canada)

Official release information:
Sam@Chaishop.com and the mushroom crew activated all their contacts to collect 20 absolute killer psychedelic and progressive tracks from 20 different countries! The compilation features names like Ticon, Jaia and Salaris (Sangeet & Mullekular) on the progressive side as well as Mekkanikka, Alternative Control and 2Hi (Marcello V.O.R. & Vibra) on the psychedelic side.

In the Trancers Guide magazine you will find profiles of all artists in the relevant country-sections. Additionally to this we place advertisments in several trance-related media such as Chaishop.com and mushroom magazine.

Fly with us though this galaxy’s future soundscapes of psychedelic and progressive trance sound alchemists!

Millennium Records: http://www.millenniumrecords.de/
Trancers Guide To The Galaxy: http://www.trancersguide.com

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16.03.2005. 11:49
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Parrket na Trancers Guide Kompilaciji

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