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goa - news

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Sloboda narodu


soory al di smo ono stali

My form is mystic, but my heart is pure,you'd better believe what I say I am the Necromancer.I cast deep spells and potent I am a Seerof the Real.My forces work against evil, for I love all I feel.ॐ
06.02.2012. 18:22
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Sun Station Records presents

Kala – Growing in the Galaxy EP

artist: Kala
title: Growing In The Galaxy
label: Sun Station Records
cat num: SSTAR17
type: EP
genre: Psychedelic trance
time: 26:09 min
cover art by: Jure Mali
mastering: Syncmasters Studio


Sun Station Records proudly presents Kala (“time” in ancient Sanskrit), a psychedelic trance project founded by two soul-mates from Macedonia, Prodanov Zoran and Toromanoski Darko (DJ Darko). “Growing in the Galaxy” is their long-awaited second EP, it contains 3 powerful psytrance tracks that will take you on a breathtaking galactic ride! The EP is full of juicy old school sounds, dynamic basslines and cosmic energy, and any fans of the Macedonian psychedelic sound will enjoy it a lot. Stay tuned for more sounds from this promising eastern European project!

More Info about Kala

Booking Requests

More Info about Sun Station Records artists and releases
01.04.2012. 14:09
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Napokon sam sve pronasao. Davio sam jednog kineza na last.fm da mi neke stvari uplaoda, preko DC++ sam pronasao jos neke pjesme koje su falile, najvise zahvaljujuci rusima, pa evo koga zanima neka skida:

Cygnetic Records
[one of the best goa trance net labels]

Quote from Discogs.com:
Cygnetic Records is a private online records presentation platform of their own projects. They present all their musical work of all their electronic music styles of all their artists to play and download for free as full length MP3 tracks for noncommercial use. Cygnetic Records is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland

The cultic traditional goa trance compilation, the goa syndrome released this label. GOA SYNDROME is a GOA compilation from CYGNETIC RECORDS, it contains pure melodic, hypnotic and spiritual psychedelic trance. Artists: Imperial Project, Alien Spacecraft, Anodynez, Artificial Identity, Overmind Projection and The Infinity Float has joined 1999 to CYGNETIC RECORDS.

Goa trance artist who were on Cygnetic Records:

Imperial Project [producer: Ken Da Lyud]
Overmind Projection [producer: R. Bossart]
Alien Spacecraft [producer: K. Skye]
Anodynez [producer: R. Bossart]
Artificial Identity [producer: K. Skye]
The Infinity Float [producer: Ken Da Lyud]

Some tracks (to be precise, 5/8) from VA - Goa Syndrome 3 are credited to projects: Overmind Projection, Alien Spacecraft and The Infinity Float on the Cygnetic Records web page ( link ). Many of you know that project called Alienxss was involved with thoose guys. Tracks are credited to Cygnetic Records artists and producers and that list you can find here. I WONT UPLOAD THOSE MP3s BECAUSE SAME TRACKS YOU CAN BUY AT ALIENXSS WEB SITE.


Various Artist  Goa Syndrome [Feb 2001.]
Various Artist  Goa Syndrome [Apr 2001.]
Various Artist  Goa Syndrome [Apr 2001.]
Imperial Project  Remote Viewing [Feb 2001.]
Imperial Project  Vimana [Apr 2001.]
Imperial Project  Gaia Spirts [2002.]
Imperial Project  White Label [2003.]

Various Artists
Goa Syndrome
Download: HERE

Overmind Projection Blood
The Infinity Float The Ultimate Test
Alien Spacecraft Flying
Anodynez The Moon
Overmind Projection Universe
Overmind Projection The Last Stand
The Infinity Float Unique Experiment
Artificial Identity Convergence
Artificial Identity Year 2000

Various Artists
Goa Syndrome 2
Download: HERE

Overmind Projection Complex-X
The Infinity Float Destroyed With Happiness
Anodynez Near Death Experiment
Alien Spacecraft Alcohole
Artificial Identity Dillirium
Overmind Projection On Dope
The Infinity Float Revolution Is..
Artificial Identity Living On The Edge
Overmind Projection Mind Trip

Various Artists

Goa Syndrome 3
Download: N/A

Overmind Projection Maya 3000
Overmind Projection Infected Creature
Alien Spacecraft Fascinating Mystery
Alien Spacecraft Aliens Discovery
The Infinity Float Psy-Warrior
Anodynez Brain Activity
Artificial Identity New Generation
Artificial Identity The Search 4 ET

Imperial Project
Remote Viewing
Download: HERE

Imperial Project Information
Imperial Project Contact
Imperial Project Darkness
Imperial Project Lunar Eclipse
Imperial Project Flying Saucers
Imperial Project Nightmare
Imperial Project Orbital Link
Imperial Project Parallel World
Imperial Project Acts Of Violence

Imperial Project
Download: HERE

Imperial Project From Outer Space
Imperial Project Vimana
Imperial Project Exasolar Planet
Imperial Project Out Of Control
Imperial Project Boiling In Acid
Imperial Project Meeting@Infinity
Imperial Project Alien Party
Imperial Project Dubay
Imperial Project Live Force

Imperial Project
Gaia Spirits
Download: HERE

Imperial Project Intro
Imperial Project Energy Gate
Imperial Project Trans Portal
Imperial Project Metamorphosis
Imperial Project Final Fantasy
Imperial Project Gaia Spirits
Imperial Project Psychedelic Overdose

Imperial Project
White Label
Download: HERE

Imperial Project Serpent Rider
Imperial Project Gravity Shift V2
Imperial Project Angel Dust
Imperial Project Burning Man
Imperial Project Scroop V2
Imperial Project Gravity Shift
Imperial Project Scroop V1

ja nez kad je ovo stavljeno nov sam ovdje ali meni cjelo vrjeme izbacuje 404error pa ako vam neki bio probelm updatat to na mediaifere ili nes slicno thx
20.04.2012. 17:16
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Purifier Of The Stars

Uploadat cu ti ja ali morat ces se strpit malo

21.04.2012. 04:23
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de i meni rukni link na pm molim te  Cool
08.05.2012. 20:40
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Napokon, nakon dugih pet godina, novo solo izdanje: Vox - Alien humanity EP za Spacedock records!
Raspoloživo trenutno na psyshop.com, a uskoro i na drugim platformama.

09.06.2012. 19:43
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super font

not our thoughts
11.06.2012. 10:58
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DaLi netko ima kakvih informacija o novom Dimension 5 albumu?

옴 마니 파드메 훔   ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ   ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པ་དྨེ་ཧཱུྃ།
06.07.2012. 00:26
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Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars EP - DAT Records - [DATEP 007]
DAT Records is proud to announce the release of this EP by Morphic Resonance.

Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars EP

01. Pleiadians - Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
02. Pleiadians - Maia (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
03. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
04. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Rmx II)
05. Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
06. Crop Circles - Different Species (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
07. Etnica - Phetalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Rmx)

Morphic Resonance is Cristian Fernandez, a Spanish producer who with this release wants to pay a tribute to his favourite band, Etnica/Pleiadians.

Morphic Resonance has worked on these remixes for over three years and the quality is stellar. Produced with the same approach of the 90s, through MIDI and using real keyboards and synthesizers, these monster remixes deliver to eternity the magical sound of the living legends of goa trance.

These tunes will find their way into every set in the upcoming summer as they are full of majestic psychedelia, wonderfully arranged and teleporting listeners to the stars.

DAT Records is pleased to release this with the blessing of the original creators of this music.
This production has been splendidly mastered at Analog Dimensions and the artwork is courtesy of Miro Moric.

Dream and fly to the music of Etnica remixed by Morphic Resonance!

Samples :

Pre Orders have started, order your copy today from DAT Records:

Release Date: 12 May 2017
05.05.2017. 14:45
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Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru - 3CD Ecopak - [DATCD012]

The triple album of Gangguru is something completely unexpected, a treasure from the past teleported right to the present. This music was preserved on DAT tapes by the band, and a couple of years ago the DAT Records team digitized it and with the help of the producers identified and sorted a multitude of storming Goa Trance tracks. These have been remastered and tested on dancefloors during this period and itís now time to unleash them to the future for everyone to have and enjoy. These tracks are potent DJ tools and were played all over back in the 90s, at least one DJ remembering the band's early productions being played in Goa in 1996.

DAT Records is proud to present a spectacular selection of the best of the best from over a hundred tracks that the band produced in the 90s, and we are sure that many will remember these tracks from their partying times and others will delight in hearing these creations for the first time.

The tracks have been wonderfully remastered and are ready to be played out loud at events for years to come, so have fun and enjoy the trippy and magical music of Gangguru!

Be sure to get your original copy so you can read the incredible story of the band and the behind-the-scenes tales that emerged during an extensive interview.


Disc 1

01. Ramawaï
02. Nothing Else Matters
03. Ascension
04. Moon Dust
05. 51 Pegasi b
06. Japanese Fight
07. Dragon Cry
08. Alien Bell
09. Looping World
10. Fire
11. Storm

Disc 2

01. Indica
02. Orient Express
03. White Moon
04. Mystic Forest
05. Holophonia
06. Mermaid Story
07. SDF
08. Tribal Gathering
09. Above The Clouds
10. New Future
11. Mantra

Disc 3

01. En Definitif
02. Astral
03. Floppy
04. Tse Tse
05. Pentagram
06. Hexagram
07. Radio Disjoncted
08. Running
09. Ellipsoid
10. Octogram
11. Hectogram

Artwork, Engineer [Audio Restoration], Executive-Producer, Other [Track Selection] : Federico Draeke
Engineer [Audio Restoration] : Kyriakos Sunborn
Interviewer : Vas Cosmogenesis
Mastered By : Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension
Written-By, Producer : Phil Weiss, Pierre Branet, Willy Boutron

Style: Goa Trance
Barcode No: 5060376223132
Release Date: 7th September 2018

Samples here:

Please support DAT Record and get your copy from here:


Bandcamp (CD and Digital)

Discogs (CD only)
06.09.2018. 09:39
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